I am in a hot city!!! Feeling home!!!


there I am sitting in my flat in Ogikubo, Tokyo. I don’t know how people can survive without Air Conditioning.  I feel very grateful for this mechanical wonder!!!

After a beautiful time in India, Spain and Germany I am back to Japan. Already when I entered the japanese plane in Frankfurt, there came a home feeling over me. The stewardess brought the hot cloth before the meals. Green tea as much as you can drink! Good service!! Good movies ( I watched: ‘My darling is a foreigner’…So funny…I guess I will go again with Toshan when she arrives from Italy!!)

I recommended to all my friends to come and visit this beautiful country. But never in August!! Hahaha…

So I just looked at my calendar and things are going very fast now. The next Basic Training for Ayurvedic Yoga Massage starts already in 1 week.

Wow wow! We will have fun! People who have not booked yet. Be fast!!

This combination of intensive massage and stretching brings you in deep contact with your body and your Self.  In a loving atmosphere we will also practice meditation and move our bodies a lot. Means, we will really have fun!!!

And then in September we will have the first Advanced Training here in Japan.

Happy happy!!

Sending my Love to everybody!!



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